Problems needing attention in enterprises using air shower correctly
The air shower can effectively and quickly remove the dust, hair, hair chips and other debris attached to the clothes, which can minimize the pollution problems caused by the staff entering and leaving the clean room. Air shower is now widely used in all walks of life, how to use the air shower more correctly? All users should pay attention to it.

First of all: lay a layer of dust pad in front of the door of the air shower to get rid of the dust of shoes and reduce the burden of the air shower. Secondly, people should wear dust-free clothes before shower, so that the effect of shower is better and more ideal.

The third is to adjust the shower time according to the use environment. If the environment is dusty, increase the shower time appropriately, otherwise, reduce the shower time. Fourth, the two doors of the air shower can not be opened blindly in the process of use, because it is interlocked, and the two incisors can not be opened at the same time. Blindly opening the door will damage the interlock device.