Main differences between biosafety cabinet and purification table
Biosafety cabinet and purification platform are not different from each other in many employees' eyes. In fact, they are different in function and use.

1. Biosafety cabinet is a kind of biosafety protection and isolation equipment in microbiology, biomedical, gene recombination, animal experiment, biological products, biosafety laboratory and other laboratories, and is widely used in scientific research, teaching, clinical inspection and production. The main function of biosafety cabinet is designed to protect the staff, laboratory environment and experimental products when operating the infectious experimental materials such as primary culture, bacterial strains and diagnostic samples, so as to avoid exposure to infectious aerosol and spills that may occur during the above operation. The purpose of this study is to protect the experimental process, operators and the environment from harm

2. Biosafety cabinet is a negative pressure purification bench. It can protect staff and samples and prevent cross contamination by correctly operating biosafety cabinet. The purification bench is a clean chemical work station which only protects the operating objects and does not protect the staff and laboratory environment. Therefore, in the research, teaching, clinical testing and production of Microbiology and biomedical, biosafety cabinets should be selected and used instead of the purification bench.

3. The purification bench is designed to protect the experimental materials. The air is inhaled into the prefilter by the fan and filtered by the high-efficiency filter through the static pressure chamber. The filtered air is sent out in the state of vertical or horizontal air flow, so that the operating area can reach the 100 level purification degree and ensure the requirements of production on environmental purification. Once the microbial sample is placed in the working area, Laminar air will blow the air with microbial medium to the front desk staff and cause danger. Therefore, the super static work table only protects samples and does not protect the operators. The advantages of cleaning the workbench are convenient operation, comfortable, high working efficiency, short preparation time, more than 10 minutes after startup, and can be used at any time basically.

4. From the level of purification, biosafety cabinet is also higher than the purification bench.